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Automatic gates are a great way to keep your home and family safe while offering you all new levels of convenience, luxury, and security.

These electric gates take care of all the work for you. You won't have to get out and manually shut your gate when it's raining, cold, or dark. Control access to your property with total ease. You won't even have to leave your car when you return home after a long day. Just press a button, and the gate opens for you. What will science come up with next?

Automatic Gate

The Benefits of Automatic Gate Systems

The greatest benefit of an electric gate is obvious to all of us - you'll get to pretend you're James Bond every time you enter or leave your house. But that's not all.

Greater Security When Your Gates Are Automatic

Gate automation will give you greater access control over your property, meaning you can be sure that your home, family, and All Black jersey collection is kept safe and secure. Let family members or guests in without them having to wait on the street for you to put your clothes on and come to your door. You'll also be able to keep your children and pets safely inside your property.

It's not just what's inside your house that needs to be kept safe. If you're getting home alone at night when it's dark outside, leaving your car to open and close your gate can be more than tiresome and frustrating - it can also put you at risk. An automated gate will allow you to get in without having to leave your car at all.

Make Life Just That Little Bit Easier

Save time when you're in a rush by getting in your car and heading straight out, knowing that your gate will close on its own. Gate automation is more than an indulgent luxury - it's a vital tool to help make day to day life easier when you're a busy professional (or an international super-spy). Add convenience to your residential or commercial property with these electric gates.

Have you got guests coming over and can't afford to leave the stove? Let them in without having to step outside of your home. Plus, you'll save on the insurance premium for fire damage! Siblings coming for a visit? Make fun of them over the intercom before you let them in.

Manual gates, while cheaper, might not be convenient if you live in a busy street or have a toddler you're trying to lasso while your dog attempts to make a break for it. Automated gates free up both your hands so you can stop your kids and pets from becoming the subjects of the next Taika Waititi film.

Want An Electric Gate For Your Home? Contact Us

Here at CJ Gates, we supply electric gates in a range of styles and designs for properties in Auckland, the Waikato and the Bay of Plenty. We have experience working on commercial, residential, and industrial sites. We'll get you set up with an excellent gate automation system that is made specifically for your property.

Steel, aluminium, or reinforced timber - we can take care of it all. Our team can also make both sliding and swing gate models, all depending on the space you have available.

We'll work with you to create the gate you want. That means customising the functionalities you're after, the level of remote control you need, and a design that complements your fencing and home.

Whether that's a classic, old-fashioned wooden fence or sleek, modern glass and aluminium (if you're really committed to the whole James Bond thing), you'll get exactly the system you want with us.

To learn more about our services and gate automation systems, or for a free, no-obligation quote, contact us at 021 242 1696 today.

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