Sliding or Swing Gates

Reinforced with aluminium or steel, our sliding or swing gates won’t warp or twist. We can also galvanise or powder coat them to make sure they’re protected from the harsh New Zealand weather – and look good, too. With a wide range of hinges, latches, and hardware to choose from, you’re guaranteed a custom-built gate that will closely match your fence.

Aluminium Gates

Aluminium: It’s good for more than just foil. We make high-end aluminium gates in various styles, such as louvre, tongue and groove, cast aluminium inset gates, and much more. We can also custom-build them to your needs and powder coated in your colour of choice.

Steel Gates

Powerful, durable steel, galvanised for protection against corrosion. These gates are an excellent defence against tanks and nuclear fallout zombies. We can also powder coat your steel gates in different colours, or maybe a warning to tell the zombies to stay away. Or welcome them in. We won’t judge.

Steel Fabrication Auckland

We can put together anything in steel, stainless steel, or aluminium. Signage frames? Handrails? Trailer cages? General repairs? Space shuttle? Okay, almost anything. If you have custom products you need created in aluminium or steel, get in touch with us, and we’ll do our best to bring them to life.

Custom Gates

Want to perfectly replicate the entrance gate to that German castle you visited that one time? We can probably help. We can create custom gates in metals or wood. With an extensive range of powder coating colours to choose from, we’ll work with you to build a gate that fits perfectly with your fence, home, and aesthetic choices – whether they’re urban contemporary or classic Bavarian.

Fence Gates

If you’re planning to construct a fence for your home or commercial site, you’re hopefully also planning to put in a way to get in and out of it. We can create a range of gates designed to fit perfectly with your fence. Whether you want a simple, manual swing gate to get into and out of a paddock, or an elaborate, beautifully crafted sliding gate to be the perfect finishing touch to your stunning new home, we’ll find a solution.

Driveway Gates

Keep weirdos away from your house with gates for your driveway. We can manufacture both classic, cost-efficient swing gates or sliding gates perfect for commercial premises or smaller sites. You’ll be able to keep your property and its inhabitants safe while still permitting easy access with one of our modern driveway gates. We can also automate them – perfect if you’re in a heavy traffic area or want to look really cool going home.

Automatic Gates

Now that’s fancy. You’ll never have to get out of your car on a cold, dark winter’s night to let yourself in again when you switch to an electric gate. A simple press of the button is all you need to open and shut your gate and get yourself into your lovely, warm* home. These gates are excellent if you want to add in an intercom to ask your friends for the password or tell the food delivery guy you saw him eating your chips.

*Only joking – we know you live in New Zealand.

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