Sliding or Swing Gates

Sliding or Swing Gates

There are two main ways gates operate - opening and closing. They also come in two main types - swing or sliding gates. When you’re picking a new gate for your property, you’ll need to select one of these two designs.

But is there much of a difference, and which should you pick? At CJ Gates, we can design both swing and sliding gates in manual or automated variants. Just read on for more information about the different types of gates.

The Difference Between Swing and Sliding Gates

Swing gates are probably the most common type of gate. Despite what you might assume, they’re not named for their love of music from the ‘20s. They’re called swing gates because they swing open in a circle. They usually open inwards, but if your driveway slopes or curves, outward-opening gates are the better choice.

These gates are very low maintenance, especially if you choose a manual version, and much cheaper and easier to install. If budget is a concern for you or you just want a new gate you won’t have to worry about, swing gates are an excellent option.

If you live in an old, classic villa, swing gates are a good fit as their timeless design works well with a wide range of aesthetics. They’ll make it easy for you to ensure your things are safe and sound when you leave home on a cold winter’s day to go somewhere that’s actually warm and dry.

On the other hand, sliding gates have a more modern, industrial design that works well with commercial properties. They’re also great if you don’t have much space or live in a windy area, as they’re not as affected by gales like swinging gates.

If you don’t live in Wellington, you might be wondering whether sliding gates are still appropriate for you. The good news is they’re an excellent choice if you have rough ground, want enhanced security, or a modern look, which is why they’re popular with businesses and industrial enterprises.

Still not sure what type of gate is best for you? We’re happy to have a chat or come out to your site and offer a quote - obligation-free. Just get in touch with us at 021 242 1696, and we’ll do our very best to give you a gate that’s perfect for your needs.

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