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Nothing says comfortable family home like the classic white picket fence. But whether you want a traditional wooden fence or something sleek and contemporary, fencing plays a vital role in keeping your property secured and your home safe. A good fence can also help you create a defined boundary and stop your neighbour’s dog from using your garden as its personal bathroom. And, unless you’re a parkour expert or a former Olympic gymnast, if you have a fence, you’re going to need a way to get in and out of your fencing. That’s where our fence gates come in.

Fence And Gate Auckland

Gates For Fences from CJ Gates

Our team are experts at manufacturing and installing gates designed to complement the look of your fence and provide you with the right mix of privacy and accessibility. We are skilled at working with a wide range of materials - aluminium, steel, and wood among them - to ensure that your new gate blends seamlessly with your fence and home.

Whether your house’s design is “Mt Eden Classic” or “Addams Family, Auckland Version”, we’ll work with you to design, create, and install a gate tailored to your needs. With our expertise and commitment to a job well done, we’re dedicated to finding a solution for any gate problem.

We don’t just work on residential properties, too. If you have a commercial or industrial site with fencing that you want a gate for, we can work with you to create a robust, practical gate that’s right for your property. Whether you’d like strong, durable steel gate or a gate made from lightweight, rust-proof, cost-effective aluminium, with CJ Gates, you’ll get a gate that looks great and works well.

Okay, But Why Do I Need Fencing?

Fences give your house extra security while boosting its value, too. Fencing keeps your home separated from the street while adding an extra layer of privacy. So if letting your neighbours see your attempts at at-home fitness in your front garden isn’t your cup of tea, fencing is an excellent solution for carving out quiet space.

Best of all, the right fence can make it harder for Brent from next door to come over and keep talking to you about how he could fix this economy if people only had common sense when all you want is to finish mowing the lawn and have dinner.

The right fence should complement your house and landscaping, and, as a result, increase both the aesthetic and financial value of your property. A bad fence, in contrast, can create a bad impression for potential buyers and your visitors.

Some fence designs even boost additional features, such as helping reduce street noise, while other fences can keep your children safe from the street - or the street safe from your children.

Are you interested in getting a high-quality, durable gate tailored to your fencing and budget? Get in touch with the CJ Gates team at 021 242 1696 for a no-obligation, free quote.

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