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Wooden gates are an excellent finishing piece for your fence or to keep your property safe and secure. These classic timber gates are particularly good if you have a period or rural property and you want to complement it with a beautiful, timeless, rustic fence and gates.

Here at CJ Gates, we can help you bring your Pride and Prejudice fantasy to life. We make every wooden gate with high-quality timber, which we can stain in a variety of colours to suit the look of your property and to match your vision, or the frame of the bed you inherited from your grandmother that your mum won't let you put on TradeMe. Our gates work for driveways, gardens, and side entrances. They'll complement your fence and enhance your property's appearance and value while ensuring that your privacy and security is looked after.

We're committed to making each and every one of our gates to your specifications. You won't have to worry about ill-fitting gates or being restricted to picking designs off a limited catalogue. We want to make sure we bring your vision to life, whether it's rustic country or English manor. (Butler not included)

We can also reinforce our gates using powerful steel or aluminium if you'd like something that will really hold up to all conditions and hold up to extensive use. They'll be nice and strong and make sure that your family, possessions, and secret wine cellar are all kept safe and sound. To learn more about our wooden and metal gates, contact us at 021 242 1696.

Wooden Gates

Benefits of Choosing Wooden Gates

The choice of material is always an important consideration when it comes to building or renovating a property, whether it's residential or commercial. Wood is a traditional favourite building material, and here are a few reasons why it's an excellent choice for gates:

Timeless, Classic Timber Appearance

A wood fence or gate adds a natural charm to any property. This organic material can feel much homelier and warmer than metal and will blend in well with your gardens. They'll contribute to the elegance of your trees and flowers, which is why wood is a popular choice for rustic or rural properties. Metal gates, on the other hand, suggest a more urban or industrial look, which isn't complementary with every style.

Easier Maintenance with a Wooden Gate

When you're selecting a new gate to buy, you want to be sure that you'll get something that will stand the test of time - especially if you promised your spouse that you'd get it done right this time after trying to do it yourself with the classic "Bunnings and Beers" approach. Wooden gates are highly durable, especially when reinforced with metal and can withstand all types of weather and seasons.

Total Privacy Assured With Wood Gates

Wooden gates can completely block the view of anyone passing by your house. That means you can let your children play outside in peace, store belongings in your garden without showing them to potential thieves in the process, and sunbathe naked without the neighbours gossiping. Again.

(We do not recommend doing all three at the same time)

The solid construction of wood gates makes them an effective security deterrent against burglars, criminals, and door-to-door salesmen, keeping them out of your home and garden.

Timber Gates Mean Environmental Friendliness

Wood's the perfect choice for your gates if you're Greta Thunberg. And if you are Greta Thunberg, hej hej! Guess that means we’ve gone global at last.

This natural material is highly sustainable and does not require large amounts of energy consumption to be produced. It is also, of course, biodegradable, which means it is one of the most eco-friendly building options around. A wooden gate will help you reduce your carbon footprint.

That means that a wooden gate will do more than just protect your kids. You'll protect their future, too.

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The CJ Gates team will work with you to craft high-quality wooden gates that fit your needs. We'll provide you with a beautiful, finished custom product tailored for your decor, budget, and taste. Best of all, it won't just look good - it will be built to last. To learn more or for a free, no-obligation quote, contact us at 021 242 1696.

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